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Hotchkiss M201
Welcome to my website. There are already many excellent websites concerning technical and historic aspects of military jeeps. There is no point in me recreating that content here, so please see my links pages to these informative sites. I have tried with this site, to produce content that is mainly concerned with restoring, driving and collecting military vehicles. There is very much a focus on Willys MB, Hotchkiss M201 and other variations on the jeep theme.

My passion for all things French means I also run a re-enactment group (see opposite) and own a large private collection of (mostly) French postwar vehicles. I keep this website regularly updated with activities of the reenactment group and developments within my collection (the motor pool). Please have a look at my regular blogs on the diary pages (link above)to see our activities and various restorations of vehicles.
FARG - French Army Reenactment Group

In this established group we portray the common foot soldier of the French army in the post war years. This gives context to the various equipment and vehicles we have and helps us recreate various scenarios related to French military history. FARG is a multi-period group and we have members who specialise in particular conflicts, so you may see us portraying anything from Indochina up to more recent 'policing' actions, e.g. Kolwesi. The FARG meets occasionally through the winter months, but in the summer we attend many military shows and conventions. We have also been approached for film and TV work and welcome any opportunity to educate the public about the French army. All kit is original and fastidiously researched before display, and we have various 'experts' in all aspects of French military life, including personal kit, weapons and vehicles.

Hotchkiss jeep 106mm
If you wish to join us feel free to mail me and we can have a chat to discuss our activities – you don’t need a vehicle or even a uniform – we can usually supply both!

Hopefully see you soon at the next big military show!